Dr Ole Koksvik

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen

I'm speaking at the University of Tasmania on 27 February, about poverty and profit.

Ole Koksvik

Welcome to my homepage.

I am a philosopher working at the University of Bergen. My research is concentrated in two areas.

In the intersection of philosophy of mind and epistemology I focus on conscious experience, and especially on its role in human rationality. In my doctoral dissertation I argue that intuition is a type of experience which justifies belief for the same reason as why perceptual experience does.

In political philosophy I focus on the moral obligations we the affluent have to the very poor. I ask whether the widespread practice of giving priority to compatriots over the much greater need of the distant poor is justified, and whether certain business relationships give rise to significant obligations to alleviate poverty

Comments on my work are always welcome, email me at ole.koksvik at gmail.com.


I gave the talk 'Liberalism about Intuition' at University of Copenhagen recently. Great time, great questions!

I recently founded NorMind: Nordic Network for Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science.

Jon Simon and I gave a talk at the recent workshop.

'Phenomenal Contrast: A Critique' is forthcoming in American Philosophical Quarterly.


'Three Models of Phenomenal Unity' and an Editor's Introduction have appeared a symposium I edited in the Journal of Consciousness Studies.

Published and Forthcoming

Forthcoming. 'Phenomenal Contrast: A Critique'.
local file American Philosophical Quarterly.

2014. `Three Models of Phenomenal Unity'.
local file Journal of Consciousness Studies 21: 105–131.

2014. `Aspects of Phenomenal Unity'.
local file Journal of Consciousness Studies 21: 6–12.

2013. `Intuition and Conscious Reasoning'.
local file Philosophical Quarterly 63: 709 – 715.

2010. `Metaphysics of Consciousness'.
local file In A Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand.

2007. `Conservation of Energy is Relevant to Physicalism'.
local file Dialectica 6: 573 – 582.

Works in Progress / Under Review

Single Author

  • 'Phenomenology of Objectivity Explains Transparency'
  • `Against the Leibnizian View of Phenomenal Unity'
  • 'Intuition, Belief, and Rational Criticisability'
    local file
  • 'Liberalism about Intuitional Experience'


Recent and Upcoming Talks

27 February 2015. 'Poverty, Profit, and Benefiting from Injustice'.
University of Tasmania

November 19 2014. `Liberalism about Intuition'.
University of Copenhagen.

August 29, 2014. `Killer Beliefs, Dispositions, and Justification'.
Workshop on First-Person Data.
March 6, 2014. `Answering the Absent-Experience Challenge to Intuition'.
Monash University.

March 11, 2014. `Three Models of Phenomenal Unity'.
The Australian National University.


I've written a guide to preparing your thesis with LaTeX. It includes all the files you need to create the a very nice-looking thesis.

I've also written a guide to giving a talk in philosophy.

Doctoral Dissertation

2012. The Australian National University. Intuition
précis local file
Accepted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy with no revisions.

Masters Thesis

2007. Monash University. In Defence of Interactionism
local file

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